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Weird Questions
Here are some questions and statements about The Sims. Some are about why sims can't do this and that and some are about things we wish they could do. This page is deticated to Maxis. If you have a weird question please email it to us! Maxis said they made a game that is based on our world but in a computer. If it's so much like our earth why isn't it like it?

Why can't sims have guns or other weapens?
Why can't Maxis have them speak our language so we can understand what they are saying?
Why do the sims have to stand up to talk to someone? Why can't they sit down and talk?
Why can't sims have trampolines, swinging tire, pool toys, and other things like that?
Why can't kids get drunk?
Why can't sims watch other things on tv, if you know what I mean....?
Why can't sims leave their own property?
Why can't they leave their property and go to a store?
Why can't sims destroy other sim's houses or things?
Why can't sims break into other houses and steal things if they have no money to buy it themselves?
When sims have to use the bathroom, why do they go to the bathroom across the room when their is a bathroom next to them?
Why don't sims get mad and try to kill another sim because they did something wrong?
Why don't sims comit suicide?
Why can't sims make other food products?
Why aren't their any resturants to eat at?
Why can't sims buy a car and ACTUALLY drive it?
Why can't burgulars break windows to get into a house than through the door so the door alarms don't go off?
Why can't sims get out of the pool without a ladder?
Why can't sims get in the pool without a ladder or diving board?
Why can't sims buy playstations, dreamcast, nintendos, etc...?
Why does everyone in the same family have the same last name and why can't you change each last name?
Why don't sims get older and eventually die?
Why can't the kids grow to a teenager then to an adult?
Why can't sims have an affair with the maid, or police women, or the gardener, or the mechanic?
Why can't sims get a better job than working all day for a lousy $150 or a little bit more?
Why do sims pee their pants when they can just go to the bathroom?
Why does it blur the sims when taking a shower or going to the bathroom when their is NOTHING to see, if you know what I mean?